Saturday, June 1, 2013

I learned about Mark Sisson and The Primal Blueprint from my son who had been turned onto a primal eating style by my daughter. I bought a copy and began reading with interest. Mark Sisson, who also maintains a blog (Mark's Daily Apple), explains in humorous detail how you can reprogram your genes for better health and a longer life by adopting a hunter gatherer lifestyle. He backs up his statements with facts that show why a high fat, grain-free diet is best for optimal health. Readers will learn that by eliminating sugars and grains, an ideal weight can be achieved, inflammation can be reduced and a healthy immune system can be achieved. He offers, in addition, 10 Primal Blueprint lifestyle laws to tone your body, enjoy restful sleep and eliminate disease risk. One aspect of these lifestyle laws is to slow down your cardio workouts: it isn't necessary to push through a hardcore workout when a few minutes a day will accomplish the same thing without the wear and tear on your body. (Mark details his own experience with over-exercising and shows that ideal fitness can be achieved without weekly treks to a gym.) I found the writing style warm and engaging, the information practical and believable. Based on what I learned in Mark's book, I made some lifestyle changes last November and have reaped the benefits with weight loss (28 pounds and still losing), more energy, better sleep (I used to wake up at 2 a.m. and be unable to go back to sleep afterward.) My son also has followed the Primal Blueprint with a nearly 50 pound weight loss. We follow his exercise recommendations and consume grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured chickens, butter and cream, and fresh organic vegetables. Mark talks the talk and walks the walk, and he's convinced this reviewer that the Primal lifestyle is the one to follow for optimal health. Be forewarned, reading this book will whet your appetite for more information. Soon you'll be adding Primal/Paleo recipes to your cooking, reading Mark's Daily Apple for inspiration and scouring the Web for more.

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