Thursday, July 21, 2011

Five Stars and a Top Pick!

Taming Rowan just received five stars and a Top Pick from Night Owl Reviews. Am I happy? Is the Pope Catholic?

Here's the review:

"A totally sexy read with charming characters that will keep you glued to every page! This book couldn't have a more appropriate title. Even though Rowan doesn't know it until it's too late, he's absolutely been tamed.
Ms. Barrett gives us the push and pull between two characters who try to fight the attraction between them. This makes for a sexy, spark-your-temperature kind of story that will keep you engrossed right to the end.
Karin agrees to take a job that she's highly qualified for. The only problem is that Rowan, the man who will be her boss, thinks a man is coming to complete that job. Karin must prove she is not only capable, but excels at what she does because Rowan doesn't want any women at the remote job site. There is an instant attraction between them, which turns into a love/hate relationship. The interaction between them is sexy with a whole lot of fun and the combination makes for a great romance that you won't want to put down!
If I have my way, I'll be reading much, much more from Ms. Barrett!"

Thank you, Mandy, for a wonderful review.