Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

Definitely a Keeper!

Just finished Cheryl Norman's Rebuild My World. Here's my review.

Taylor Drake wants her life back. After a horrific attack that claimed the life of her roommate and sent her into therapy, the award-winning photojournalist returns to her Florida hometown in a perpetual state of fear. How can the son of her family's enemy help her put her life back together?

Taylor returns to Drake Springs a virtual recluse afraid to leave her father's house. Her attacker got away, and for all she knows, he may be lurking around the next tree. When her sheriff brother goes on vacation, he asks his chief deputy to look in on his sister, make sue she is safe.

Adam Gillespie doesn't relish the idea. He has pegged Taylor as a selfish rich bitch, furthermore, he hates her father, the man who ruined his family. Still, he is a lawman and sworn to do his duty, even when it means looking out for Harold Drake's frightened daughter, never mind that Adam is running for sheriff against her brother Wil.

The attraction is instant, and unwanted. The Drakes ruined his family and may have been responsible for his mother's death, but Taylor wants to put the thirty-year-old feud back in the past where it belongs. Unfortunately, Adam can't do that.

When a series of events again threaten Taylor's life, Adam realizes he must do everything he can to help her...and somehow work through the attraction that sizzles between them. Just when he may be reaching a breakthrough with his emotions, a bombshell drops into his lap that assures he can never love a Drake.

Ms. Norman is a gifted storyteller. I loved Rebuild My World and eagerly turned the pages, excited to see what event would next happen to keep this story moving. Not only is it well plotted, but the characterizations draw you into the lives of these people. Ms. Norman tell a compelling tale that keeps you guessing. I loved the ending, and yet hated to see it end because I became so involved with Adam and Taylor. Even the secondary characters are finely drawn. This book's a keeper.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Do you like sexy British heroes?

Tomorrow I have an interview over at Deep in the Heart Romance. I'll be talking about my sexy British hero Rowan and offer an excerpt. Check it out and leave a comment to be entered in a drawing for a e-copy of my latest release (available May 23rd), Taming Rowan, a contemporary set in Cumbria, a remote area in England's Lakes District. If you like tall, dark, sexy Brits of the wounded warrior variety and unusual settings, Taming Rowan might be just for you.

Karin Williams' devastatingly handsome project officer has a boulder-sized chip on his shoulder. Rowan Marsden expected a male engineer and he's not giving Karin an inch. Working conditions are...tense. Worse, she must share on-site housing with the sexy Brit who she fears will break her heart. What's a girl to do?

If Rowan had his way, he'd never work with a woman. Yet as Karin demonstrates her expertise on the job, he cannot deny his growing respect for her--or his desire. He wants the passion she offers, but not the commitment. Until a horrendous accident at the project site threatens Karin's life, and proves that even a wounded man is destined to love...