Sunday, October 3, 2010

Natural Weed Abatement - Too Cute!

This has absolutely nothing to do with jewelry, books, cookery or home gardening, but I thought it might be of interest. Pasatiempo, a world-class golf course in Santa Cruz, is built on hilly ground with numerous barrancas that are hard to clear of brush and poison oak. Enter an alternative weed abatement control: goats courtesy of Brush Goats 4 Hire. These cute guys were trucked in three days ago and immediately set out doing what goats do best...eating everything in sight.

My husband does the photography for the Audubon Wildlife Program at the course, also for any improvements such as the new low-water landscaping just completed. So here are some shots of the horned critters arriving in their special trailer, "on the job," and generally being photogenic. Note the dog with them in the trailer, one of two Anatolians--Turkish guard dogs--who safeguard the goats from coyotes.



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