Saturday, January 8, 2011

I am so excited!

In Love and War, my contemporary dramatic novel set in Ireland is now showing up on Amazon as available to order. This is truly a book of my heart and one I despaired of ever selling because New York wasn't interested in stories about the Irish political conflict.

Now, at last, it's coming out and shortly I'll be holding a copy in my hands.

It's a story I researched extensively, and which included spending many winter days in the County Waterford town of Cappoquin. Not many Americans go to Ireland during the winter, and I have to admit, we were the only ones we saw.

I'll never forget the day we drove down from Shannon to Cappoquin, stopped at a market for food supplies and looked with dismay at the selection of veggies. There were potatoes, cabbages and a few carrots...and nothing else! However, there were other delights: fresh-baked brown bread brought in by a local farm woman, the best dairy products I've ever tasted, wonderful cheeses and the best lamb you could eat.

I made lamb stew for our first night, and we warmed our toes by a real turf fire, having purchased the untreated sods at a local filling station.

In Love and War is available now in the trade paperback edition (with its gorgeous cover!), later will appear in Kindle and various e-book formats. Stay tuned for upcoming guest blog appearances and a chance to win a pair of sterling silver Celtic spiral earrings. (Made by me, of course.)


  1. I look forward to reading this novel. Ireland lives in my soul, even in the winter. I cannot wait to visit there one day. I also requested this for Kindle.

  2. Hi K.: sorry I'm late responding. Hey, In Love and War is now available for purchase on Kindle (official release day is Monday, but it's up on the website now.)

    Um, if you'd like to read a little about my stay in Ireland while I researched this book, I've blogged about it on the Turquoise Morning Press blog ( I have some photos up plus links to articles I wrote about cheesemaking and the River Blackwater. Hope you enjoy them.