Monday, November 8, 2010

Books 'n Rocks

The weekend craft show is over (why does it have to rain both days of a weekend craft show?) and I'm reveling in some "me" time and the glow of a good (if exhausting) event and launch day for my latest book. LATE HARVEST is available in different formats from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and others.

Check it out; I'd love to hear what you think.

Contemporary Romance, Sensual

She only wants to be left alone.

He wants the one thing she's not sure she's willing to give-and it has nothing to do with wine.

Kurt von Daniken wants only one thing from Glenna Ryan: The key to making
Eiswein-Ice Wine. Five years ago, while working at his family's California
winery, she'd begun developing the method to simulate wine made from grapes
gathered after a freeze. Now, when the winery desperately needs it, the only
person who might be able to duplicate Glenna's process, Kurt's tyrannical
Uncle Otto, lies paralyzed by a stroke and near death.

Glenna wants only one thing from the von Danikens: To be left in peace to
raise her son, Robbie, who suffers from a birth defect and needs an
expensive surgery to repair it. When Kurt suddenly appears at her home,
demanding she return to Cresthaven and complete the process, Glenna knows
the money she'll earn by doing so will provide Robbie the treatment he
needs. She also knows she'll risk having her heart broken, again, by Kurt,
the only man she's ever loved.

But, what if he discovers the real reason she left Cresthaven?

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