Sunday, August 5, 2012

PR executive Gail DeMarco unleashes a world of hurt to her company when she decides to no longer represent Simon O’Neal. The superstar’s off screen antics are troublesome and Gail’s tired of putting out the publicity fires caused by his drinking and loose morals. What she doesn’t count on is having Simon’s manager direct the bulk of her clients to a rival PR firm. With Gail’s business about to go under, she must swallow her pride, apologize to Simon and hope he’ll be decent enough to stop the hemorrhaging. Just when she thinks she’s got the problem neutralized, her enterprising associate takes matters into his own hands and causes yet another the means of a leaked false rape charge against Simon. The only cure seems to be new publicity about a reformed Simon–a sober, moral man enjoying the bliss of a new Gail. But can she keep up the pretense of a business arrangement that will terminate in two years without losing her own heart to the man she’s secretly lusted after for years? Simon desperately want to regain the custody of his son and will do whatever it takes to make that happen. But a marriage in name only? Can he control his self-destructive urges long enough to create a new image? When Lightning Strikes is the first in a new series by acclaimed writer Brenda Novak. Set in California’s Gold Country (not far from Novak’s home), Whiskey Creek is the embodiment of all that’s good about small town life, and it’s as far from Los Angeles and as foreign to Simon as a town can be. Never mind that Gail’s father and older brother and a host of friends have heard the stories about Simon and are determined to protect her from heartbreak and disappointment as best they can. However, something magical happens in the small community and Simon discovers a life that is refreshingly wholesome. He also discovers a few things about his new wife that surprise him. I loved both the story and setting. Simon is a delicious hero and Gail a worthy heroine. The protagonists’ reservations about going through with the marriage seemed just a bit tedious, but they were well justified as the story picked up steam. I read WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES in two sittings and was sad to see it end. Just a beautifully written, well-paced, delightful story as only the multi-talented Ms. Novak can create.

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