Friday, June 26, 2009

Home-based Jeweler's Showcase: Belle Rustique

Home Based Jeweler's Showcase: Belle Rustique

Hello All:

I've finally gotten settled in my new art studio and am getting ready for the upcoming Fall shows. This year I have several new designs which I hope to get up on my website. (Problem is, it's hard to find time to order materials, do the bookkeeping, make jewelry and then photograph it and write the HTML to get it up on the site.) But bear with me and I'll preview some exciting things I have in store.

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  1. I had great intentions (re: the new items) but a nasty cold with the cough from h*ll sidelined me. Maybe today I'll get started on some new earrings and pendants. I have a new stash of larimar to work up, also some lovely heart-shaped cabs, and a friend sent me a neat Fiskars mandrel to use in making hammered oval ear wires. I've tried a few freehand and it's difficult to keep them symmetrical without a form.

    My son came to visit from Arizona, so Grandma and Grandpa reveled in the joy of having our youngest and three grandchildren here for four days. Goodbyes are always sad, and I spent a day feeling, um, "contemplative."

    I'm signed up to do at least three Fall shows in the Santa Cruz area with four more possibilities (waiting for the applications). I normally do eleven or twelve shows in a year, most of them between October and December.

    Will update more as info. comes in.